Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sweater weather

Assalamualaikum. It's been a while now since I was last seen on this blog. I have pass my semester 1 exam and break and raya celebration and it was all good to me. I am currently on my semester 2 and I currently enjoying the subjects I need to learn this semester. I'm done with accounting and now I have corporate finance's subject. It was a bit nervous at first but after lots of exercises and quizzes I think my fear to numbers has decreased.

Oh my currency? Hmmm these few weeks are not easy to me. First of all, my laptop can't restart and it was a good timing because we have a lot of assignments that needed a laptop to finish it :'))
Next, my only gold bracelet that i always wore 24/7 has broken. I don't know, I feel sad when I'm not wearing it. The bracelet reminds me of my family and our good times together. And also that I feel they are near with me even we are 500+ kilometers apart. And the very best part of my weeks is........................ I BROKE MY IPHONE (yay). Oh my goodness how on earth would I like to break my own phone(????!!!) It fell off the stairs, i slipped it off my hand. Ok...... actually I was trying to get to the ground floor to get some water for iftar and yes it was magrhrib's time. I don't know maybe some evil devil has bumped into me that made my phone slipped from my hand. My iphone is now collapsed. The screen has apart from the body. Luckily, the components in the phone are still alright, which i mean, umm they're still working for alarm clock and azaan for prayer times (hihi).I don't know when I'm going to repair it as I don't have enough money right now, and asking from parents make me feel uneasy. Sometimes I ever think that everything that happen to me is Allah want to show me what else could make me feel distracted from Him? Yes, indeed it was and I am. I'm getting my way back. Nothing could make me feel more calm than sitting alone, praying, be long in my sujood, and reading His Quran. No excitement can beat that.

And my relationship. The graph has been rapidly going up and down these few weeks and it's going further below this week. He got lots of tests and can't be there for me. Even that lots of pressure hit me this week, but he still can't make it there. Maybe I'm too pushing(?) Maybe. I know that he tried. But I'm sorry my emotions take me down. I just need you to give some attention to me, calm me down because this week is not easy to me. But I know, you got your tests, your stress from the tests to spill out and that make me your last thing to remember at night, at least. Thank you for those nights I was calling you all night but you weren't there, busy playing futsal till early in the morning and didn't leave a single care because you were too tired to give a damn attention. Thank you for those nights I was crying and you weren't there, too. I'm sorry I'm not being understanding. I'm really sorry. Yes, I'm ignoring you now but I still waiting for your call. I'll wait.

BTW, I have public speaking tomorrow please pray for me! It will be in the cafetaria in front of the seas of people. Oh my God, I'm so nervous please please make du'a for me!
P/s: im deactivating my twitter till i got my handphone repaired.

xoxo, A.