Thursday, December 14, 2017

I've been silence for so long.

Greetings people,

It's almost the end of 2017 and I actually wanting to write for so long but I didn't get the chance because I'm a lazy and always a lazy bump. I guess it's gonna be a quick review of me throughout the year. I've learn a lot, especially about myself this year. I figure out myself more and learning of self love, it's fun actually; to feel appreciated by your own self.

Earlier to mid of 2017 it's been a busy year to me as I'm in my final semester of my diploma. Finishing and meeting MARA requirements for DPC programs. Don't wanna brag about that but alhamdulillah it all went well (i mean the results) and I'm pretty sure most of my batch-mates sure does, too.
So yeah, to update I actually has met MARA requirements for IELTS test and my cgpa. I've scored band 6.5 for the average test and 3.99 for my whole semester in KPM, and that's that. I'm actually grateful enough as in 2017 I actually taken care of my studies more hardly than before and baam! I got my ass in 2 best subjects (well, alhamdulillah). I can say that my application to University of Canterbury in New Zealand is like 70% of the process and now I'm currently settling all the documents. I'm going to pursue my 1st degree in Commerce majoring in Supply Chain for about 2 years, hopefully inshallah.

My self ass also didn't wanna brag about 'friends' topic anymore in this post. Honestly, I don't wanna think about putting that kind of paragraphs in this post as those people who hurt us, did not ever deserved to be remembered but of course still, I've learn a lot, I'm just tired of opening up and getting dump and forgotten over and over again. Since that, I am very very carefully every time I think I would want to open up to someone. I do keep my circle close too.

Before this, I won't forget to include and update about Iman and my relationship over here. But this time, there's no him. Yes, we're broken up; for good. And yes, I've met someone new. I'm actually pretty thankful when we're broken up there's some friends who really come up to us and ask what actually happened between us instead of throwing hateful judgement (towards me, mostly). Here's my answer, he deserved better and I wouldn't want him to suffer if I can't keep the relationship going. And me either didn't want to live in pure judgments and insecurities I keep getting from him. I think it's just a negative vibe that follows me since 2015 even if I did nothing wrong. I believe that feelings bothers him too. It's been almost 4 months now, I believe that this isn't actually a bad thing either. It let both of us breath of fresh new air. I'm sorry it isn't a good ending from both of us. But most importantly, we both learning from something, good and bad ones. I'd rather be a lover than a fighter.
He blocked me in all social medias and contacts but it's okay, I hope he doing fine in whatever he's doing.

Apparently I'm running out of ideas of what to write more so I guess I'll catch up later! Adios.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hello earthlings. Life has been hitting me so bad right now. I cant even imagine the amount of stressed and depression i must undergo week by weeks. Unfortunately I cant even be done of it. Same bullshit, different days. Ive tried being positive and that's when im not alone and surrounded with positive people and foremostly doing things that make me forget all those problems. Luckily, last week i got myself to a convention in Selangor and I really glad i made it as an escapism trip for myself. I had lot of fun and most importantly, i forget and leave everything behind.

Recently I just found out that i've got some haters issue. the irony is when it was from the people who has been rarely talking to you, not caring a shit about you. Yea, its them who talk bad behind our back. Seriously dude, i dont give a single fuck abt people who thinks they know me well and spread negative vibes about me.