Saturday, February 20, 2016

Keeping it Real

HI & Assalamualaikum everyone. sorry for a no-post entry for a very long time. Its hard to get the laptop on when you have the mood to write as im a very-very lazy person. And yeah, many things might just want to disturb me when im going writing again. I dont know why I get back writing here, maybe just to find myself back after a long time sinking in a deep ocean which has brought me to places i dont even know now. And yes, just to be updated i was chosen as one of the SRC and i  literally have no idea it would taken away most of my time. My new semester is totally different from the previous one like 340% (the rest is bcs i still like sleeping). I dont know, it was just the end of January, which I still think like it-whilst this week is the last week of February. I mean, like wow the starting of 2016 is quiet tough for me. I never really have rest sometimes, all those sleepless night, all those classes, quizzes, tests, and not to forget those paperworks im working on - they're all just insane to me. I've never been as zombie as i am right now. Oh yeah, talking about people, this kind of starting just bringing me surprises of peoples' true colours. I hate to complain but their behavior just keep on surprising me! *smile cynically* Why did I say so? bcs all those angelic lil faces and always-right kinda faces bringing me into the stage like 'hey, ur not always right' and seeing them standing on their ego without toleration is just so disgusting. I really regretted opened up to some people not bcs they know a part of me, but because of their judgment. I regret, very much. So I just let myself get back to writing, its the only place people may judge me in a different way. And the only place I think I can spend just to myself. One prob: Istiqamah. tu je. Hey, whatever it is, keep standing on your root - jangan tinggal solat, kalau tinggal, qada, baca quran at least once a day hopes it can purify your heart, call parents, treat them right, keep praying for them and lastly, appreciate those who's still willing to stay by yourside. Thank you bad, marisa, my fams, for really accepting me for who am I. For iman, im just amazed by your love towards me, they're so full. I appreciate it. Eventho sometimes we spent just on fighting, but really. Thank you for staying with this stubborn, rebellious hearted-young girl. Guess that for now.

p/s: im writing at 2 am, and i was like 'hey im hungry, can i eat right now?'

Xoxo, A.