Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ringing my doorbell

I wanna share something since people keep congratulate and wishing me luck on getting the offer to pursuing my studies in KPM for Dip. in Logistic Management.
Well actually this news is kinda surprising me bcs a week ago i'll already called KPM and they told me that i was unqualified till Hanis Masturah tweeted me and ask if I got the offer as well as she got.
Then I told that KPM rejected my appliance. She then asked me to check my email inbox. Surprisingly En. Maizul from KPM sent me the offer for that DLM's course. Long story short, I think I'm going. InshaAllah.

Tett. Nampak mcm confident je kan? I'm actually about 60-40%. Tapi ntah lah sebab I'm considering about my spm's result gak. Then yesterday I called Andreza sebab dia daftar in KPM Ayer Molek for accountancy, he told me to take it sebab the entry fees is just RM280 for the first 2 months-- 2 months tu pun belum start belajar lagi bcs we'll having the kursus, projek, kepimpinan and so on. Plus, kalau rasa nak tarik diri pun boleh if you think about giving up in that course or your spm's result is better for other's course. BUT! I suggest you to not take the allowance Mara gave you.

But currently we're on the waiting list because they're short-listing the names. I hope I'm in the list, pray for me!

xoxo, A.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Refresh button.

Bismilahirahirahmanirahim and Assalamualaikum earthlings.
Yea I guess this is the refresh point of my life, where I think I can get all over again and start new.
A friendly greetings to all who's currently reading this right now.
Honestly I do admit that i kinda missing my old blog which I've been deleted for some reasons, or maybe not looking back for what I've been through for this past 2 years.
I do miss the passion of expressing thoughts into words. I miss it how I wrote long entries about my everyday life, interesting moment or some lessons that I've learned in my life.
I miss it having the excitement when people told you that they read your blog, and they asked you to write again! I do miss it.
But like i said, this is the refresh point where you start all over again with a new feeling, new you.
I may miss all those feelings I had in the past. And yeah that's why it's called 'past' - you cant rewind them. But I believe, we can do better.

So I thought that I can put something beneficial in this like my experience on joining something? My life path? Some tips? Life lessons? -- hoping there would be a reason why people should following me, haha lol maybe, InshaAllah :) Oh and I really enjoy travel and I hope this blog would record every moment I've been into.

p/s; Have u ever wake up in the morning and feels like you wanna drop? Dizziness fills your head, and you almost lost your balance. I do. I hope that's bcs I'm such an owl who always sleeps late at night and overslept till matahari terpacak atas kepala?. Lewls, I should stop this. Refresh please!

xoxo, A.