Monday, February 16, 2015

Tell me incredible things.

Hi and Assalamualaikum.
It's been a while since I decided to get in this college and sorry for not updating all those stuff. There's been an up and down for me. But so far I can handle this. Thanks a lot to my bestest friends whose still keep in touch with me through what's app and everything. To those whose willing to walk in my life and get to know me. Not to forget my family who's always being there supporting me. I feel so blessed. There's about 10 days more till I get home. I hope everything's will keep going so well. Oh and there's about 10 days to keep those memories with this first-batch-spc students in here bcs some of us wouldn't be back after taking their spm's result. Yes, I will feel those emptiness without each one of us. We've been together for about 22 days and we're still doing it good. I believe everyone of us who stays will feel that emptiness. Thank you for all the laughters, dancing, bonding and every single things we've been through together. 

Ps: I'm ready for more excitement! Xoxo, A.