Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reason Why I dont Have an Instagram Account

All in all, I dont remember when was the last time I decided to closed my Instagram account. so far I know, it was last year and this is my second year of not having one. People do ask why I closed my instagram account at first, but I really dont have an exact answers to tell them. Well honestly, how to tell them. For me, Instagram is a medium where you exposed yourself the way you wanted it. It is a world where you can design how you want to be seen.
Well, that is it. I cant,I just cant. People keep showing off things I dont have, things I dont own, things I cant be. Thats making me pretty depressed about my social world. We often want things cant have.
Pretty girls been showing how flawless they are, rich kids been showing off their wealthiness and stuff. Im sure it has nothing wrong with me but it just disturbed my insecurities for a couple seconds while I stared at their pictures.
Insecurities. To be honest, I have big issues of insecurities. I also have been depressed over silly things nowadays. Small issues sometimes make me feel left out. Why cant I just be happy like her?Why cant I be pretty too? Why am I stuck such in a rural place? Why why why.
One question. Are you satisfied with yourself? I dont. Not yet. Maybe I'll get back having an instagram account when Im done with myself. I've set my target to get my foot to oversea and will consider of having one when I'm there. I guess it was kind of reward for myself. I dont know? A kind of satisfaction i guess i would like to thank myself? Actually,  I hate to have my life exposed. But yeah, at least when I'm out of Malaysia no one would really know how my life will be there. While in Malaysia I guess I have nothing much to show. I hate pretending things I dont have; happiness.

P/s ; I had to make an instagram account for my instashop, It's for my assignment please follow @naneytee.co (thanks!)
Xoxo, A