Monday, January 12, 2015

Refresh button.

Bismilahirahirahmanirahim and Assalamualaikum earthlings.
Yea I guess this is the refresh point of my life, where I think I can get all over again and start new.
A friendly greetings to all who's currently reading this right now.
Honestly I do admit that i kinda missing my old blog which I've been deleted for some reasons, or maybe not looking back for what I've been through for this past 2 years.
I do miss the passion of expressing thoughts into words. I miss it how I wrote long entries about my everyday life, interesting moment or some lessons that I've learned in my life.
I miss it having the excitement when people told you that they read your blog, and they asked you to write again! I do miss it.
But like i said, this is the refresh point where you start all over again with a new feeling, new you.
I may miss all those feelings I had in the past. And yeah that's why it's called 'past' - you cant rewind them. But I believe, we can do better.

So I thought that I can put something beneficial in this like my experience on joining something? My life path? Some tips? Life lessons? -- hoping there would be a reason why people should following me, haha lol maybe, InshaAllah :) Oh and I really enjoy travel and I hope this blog would record every moment I've been into.

p/s; Have u ever wake up in the morning and feels like you wanna drop? Dizziness fills your head, and you almost lost your balance. I do. I hope that's bcs I'm such an owl who always sleeps late at night and overslept till matahari terpacak atas kepala?. Lewls, I should stop this. Refresh please!

xoxo, A.

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