Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hello earthlings. Life has been hitting me so bad right now. I cant even imagine the amount of stressed and depression i must undergo week by weeks. Unfortunately I cant even be done of it. Same bullshit, different days. Ive tried being positive and that's when im not alone and surrounded with positive people and foremostly doing things that make me forget all those problems. Luckily, last week i got myself to a convention in Selangor and I really glad i made it as an escapism trip for myself. I had lot of fun and most importantly, i forget and leave everything behind.

Recently I just found out that i've got some haters issue. the irony is when it was from the people who has been rarely talking to you, not caring a shit about you. Yea, its them who talk bad behind our back. Seriously dude, i dont give a single fuck abt people who thinks they know me well and spread negative vibes about me.